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Information about clarifying information


This site presents new and better ways to make things understandable – that is, to clarify information. I will use this site to publish small projects, where I wrangle with publicly found information, apply more or less complicated analysis methods to it, and then present the results in a visual form as well as I can. Clarifying information focuses especially on:

  • Visual presentation: People are really good at understanding things visually. Reading text requires constant concentration and analysing one thing after another, while our visual system can understand and compare a large number of things almost immediately.
  • Interactivity: A dynamic web page doesn’t have to present only one perspective – I can let the user filter information themselves and view if from different angles.
  • Good design: Even the best analysis is worthless if you don’t understand it or don’t know how to use it. A good visualisation must be able to let the user to focus on the information itself, not on how the complicated presentation is used or the tool used.
  • About the author

    Juha's face Hi! I’m Juha Törmänen, the Chief Technical Officer of Inforglobe and a specialist in building common understanding, and a part-time doctoral student at the Systems Intelligence Group in Aalto University, Finland. This site is my independent project, and I work on it with the amount of energy that’s left over after my work and studies.

    I’m also keeping a sister site in Finnish at, where I focus especially on Finnish politics. You can most easily contact me with e-mail at

    About the technology

    Everything you see on this site has been carefully prepared and tweaked by yours truly. Behind the scenes, however, Clarifying Information aims to make use of as much of already existing high-quality open source software and libraries and possible. I’m greatly helped by e.g. the following technologies:

    • The server runs on a Nginx/Gunicorn stack on a Ubuntu web server leased from Linode
    • The web site has been built on top of the Django framework
    • Many of the visualisations strongly lean on D3.js and its ability to very efficiently transform at a into a visual format